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Practitioner : Carisa
Service:Back Acne Treatment add another, change
Some people will experience back acne without having it show up on the face, or they can have both.  Treating back acne is similar to treating the face, but because the skin is thicker on the back, a person can tolerate much stronger treatments.
Begin your skin transformation with bi-monthly treatments and skin sensitivity tests ( sensitivity tests determine the correct strength serum for your skin ).  Photos will be taken to track your progress.  Take home a step-by-step product usage guide so that you know exactly what to use, how to use it and when.  Receive personalized one-on-one attention you will not get anywhere else!


Regular treatments are imperative for clearing your acne.  It takes about three to four months to get acne under control because it takes 30 to 90 days for an acne lesion to surface; the ones that got started before you started using the home care will come up.  You need to come in every two weeks for a treatment so we can extract the acne that has just surfaced.  The home care is preventing the new ones from forming.  Three months of prevention plus three months of extracting leaves you with clear skin. So, with this program, you get progressively clearer and clearer.

You will see significant results in the first 6 weeks.


Watch your skin transformation unfold by viewing photos of your progress! 


It is extremely important to be consistent with the home care.  When clients skip their home care, they don’t get clear!  The product usage guide is designed to keep you on track and make it super easy for you.


You will be closely monitored with products and treatments being adjusted accordingly as we work through the program to ensure that the skin does not adapt and push it to get clear.

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